Eyes On Africa Adventure Safaris

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Eyes On Africa Safaris is specialized in personal, authentic tailor made Safaris in Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda.

A safari with us is about fulfilling dreams, getting back to nature, living alongside the wildlife, traditional culture and experiencing the dramatic diverse landscapes of East Africa.
Member since: 28 Sep 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Our guides will advise and help our customers purchase souvenirs from local shops and communities in areas visited.
  • We try to include visits to community projects, schools and local villages where travelers can contribute to the community by purchasing local arts and crafts.
  • All our customers receive full pre-trip information pack about recommended tipping.

    Environmental responsibility

  • Small solar panel provides electricity for charging cameras and mobile phones batteries.
  • No heating is needed as water has 60C from the spring
  • Educating the local community and direct income from tourism to those communities, leads to a better understanding of the importance of preserving their environment.

    Social responsibility

  • The camp was built, only by local Masai people. This provided jobs for nearly 50 families at the time of a big drought.
  • We encoureing young tribesman to keep their culture
  • All travelers are advised to bring some school materials with them, even if it is just few pencils.

    Neva was captivated by Africa while visiting as a student. Further trips took her to spend time in a remote Maasai village, and determined that others should be able to experience their hospitality she set up this East Africa-based tour company.
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