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Cubania is an independent English owned travel agency which operates extraordinary trips to Cuba.

Cubaniaís staff have been designing, organizing and operating trips together for the past 12 years. We specialize in biking, trekking and cultural adventures; our trips are designed to give travellers a truly Cuban experience.

We know Cuba well and know how to work well in Cuba. We have excellent relationships with our service providers and people all over Cuba look forward to hosting Cubania groups.

All our clients receive the same levels of enthusiasm and personal attention. Like Cuba, we are a little bit special. We steer clear of the mainstream and offer unforgettable trips to the vibrant heart of Cuba.
Member since: 06 Oct 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We encourage our clients to buy gifts from local handicrafts markets where profits go directly to artisans. We encourage clients, where possible, to eat in local ďpaladaresĒ ( private restaurants ) where profits go directly to owners and their employees.
  • We buy local snacks and fruit from vendors and use these on our biking and trekking trips when these are included. We make rest stops , where possible, in local homes so that our groups have the chance for real interaction with Cubans and locals can benefit directly by providing snacks and coffee etc..

Environmental responsibility

  • Plastic water bots: We use these on all our bike rides & treks to supply clean mineral water. We dispose of these by donating them to farmers and country people who recycle them, using them to bottle produce which they then sell in farmerís markets or use them for bottling water.
  • We donate all tyres/inner tubes we no longer use to locals. We sell old but workeable bikes to locals at affordable prices and use any profit to buy spare parts for our fleet of bikes.
  • We are practically a paperless office. Since we canít buy printer ink in Cuba we have been forced by circumstance to consider the environment! We print essential documents and recycle paper, donating to local schoolchildren or using ourselves in the office as scrap paper.
  • Our guides are briefed on environmental issues and remind clients to care for local flora and fauna , to leave just footprints and goodwill behind.

Social responsibility

  • We brief groups on dress codes and dressing down so that they donít attract unwanted attention. We discourage wearing expensive clothing and jewellery as insensitive in a poor country.
  • We encourage clients to ask our local leaders plenty of questions but to respect their political outlook which will be very different from our own.
  • We remind people to ask before taking a picturand to respect a personís wish NOT to be photographed. We remind them that military establishments and personnel CANNOT be photographed.

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