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Australia’s West is one of the last remaining wilderness regions and our overland tours take you on a journey into the heart of this spectacular country. From the magnificent coastal villages with reefs on their doorstep to gorges, waterways and rock formations that must be seen to be believed So start your Kimberley adventure here by exploring our website, then choose the Broome tour or Kimberley tour you want and join Kimberley Wild, the leaders in true outback exploration and adventure.
Member since: 09 Nov 2009

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Environmental responsibility

  • Kimberley Wild’s primary focus is providing an authentic experience of the awesome natural and cultural wonders of the Kimberley. As such the viability of our business relies on upholding the natural and cultural values of the region. Kimberley Wild is committed to minimising the negative environmental impacts of our operation at all levels and to ensuring that our tours always operate under minimal impact guidelines.
  • Kimberley Wild’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in all business planning and is clearly demonstrated in our development and ongoing practices. Our tours are wilderness focused, and this requires us to be especially vigilant in protecting the environment. Both owners are nature enthusiasts, and protection of the natural environment is paramount in all company planning, procedures and policies.
  • To ensure high standards are observed, we regularly consult with local organisations including indigenous communities, elders, environmental groups, wildlife protection agencies and cultural custodians, on all aspects of our operations.

Social responsibility

  • By teaming up with local indigenous guides we are able to ensure our travellers get first hand knowledge about the importance of ‘care for country’ and cultural sensitivity. This also provides a reliable income source for indigenous guides and tour operators.
  • Kimberley Wild guides are trained in cultural protocols, especially when entering communities, and are sensitive to appropriate practices. For example if a community is in ‘sorry business’ time following the death of a community member or ‘law’ time, the tour will be diverted to another area. Kimberley Wild guides are informed of restrictions which may exist, such as areas that are closed because of cultural significance, areas which it may not be culturally appropriate to swim in, or areas which can only be visited by either men or women (not both), including when they apply to non-indigenous people.
  • Our relationship with the communities we visit is very important to us. Kimberley Wild’s owners and many of our guides are working towards deep and lasting friendships within the local community and in many circumstances are already accepted as a friend of these communities. This relationship is also important to the viability and sustainability of our business, as our reputation is based on ensuring we are ethical and responsible in our interactions with the local community.

    This travel company is managed by young, passionate Kimberley-based geologists specialising in comfortable 4WD camping tours. These guys really get the outback, its cultural and natural heritage.
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