Meet Me There African Home Lodge

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Healing and adventurous holidays into the heart of Ghanaian Culture and Community. Meet Me There is a beautiful eco-tourist African Home Lodge which sits on the coast of Ghana between two villages, and is deeply involved in the life and culture of these communities. Join us and the local people for a profoundly moving journey into rural African life, community and culture so that your involvement blesses this community and so the community can bless you.
Member since: 04 Jan 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We help put money back into the local economy by:
  • Sourcing everything possible locally in an effort to contribute into the local economy.
  •  Providing employment. All the staff are from Ghana.
  • We make a contribution to the local people for all our trips into the community...

Environmental responsibility

  • We are trying to protect the local remaining wildlife. We have turtle patrols on the beaches, and pay to release captured turtles. We also protect any other captured wild animals we find and either protect the animals permanently or re-release them into the wild.
  • We are planting trees in the area.
  • We are working with the Development Groups in each of the villages to provide public toilets and clean water points for the community.

Social responsibility

Meet Me There has been specifically built to enable people to get to know Africa, and to help improve live in the local community. We do this by:

  • For the last 5 years we have been raising money to help raise standards in the 3 local schools by improving the school facilities.
  • We are working with the chiefs to provide school clothes and equipment for children whose families cannot afford it.
  • We have been asked to build a clinic by the local community. So far we have bought the land and have started making blocks to build with and we have set up other volunteering schemes to help break the cycle of poverty that traps local people