Le Moulin du Chemin

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Provider of all-inclusive walking and cycling holidays under French Chambre d’Hôte and Table d’Hôte regulations, which roughly translate to a limit of five guest rooms (10 persons) and meals en familie.
Member since: 05 Jan 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Employment of the few staff required to operate the site is strictly limited to people living locally.
  • The success of the operation fulfils economic responsibility to the local community, which tends to lack economic vigour, since the revenue is from foreign sources whereas almost all expenditures are local.
  • We buy organic beef from a local farmer.

    Environmental responsibility

  • All waste material arising from the operation is recycled in conformity with the stringent requirements of the French Authorities, or composted for garden use or fed to our free range chickens.
  • Most publicity is via the internet thus largely eliminating need for printed brochures.
  • The operators live on site and the staff live within a few kilometres of the site, thus limiting environmental impact due to vehicle use.

    Social responsibility

  • Accurate pre-trip information on the social and political situation in the region will be (hopefully!) provided on responsible travel’s website under ‘Making a Difference’ a similar information sheet is planned for Moulin Holidays’ website.
  • Through our holidays we aim to educate our clients about the history and culture of the region so that they come away with a better understanding and appreciation of the area.
  • We often visit Medieval monasteries and a mining site which have received investment from the EU as tourist attractions. There is a nominal entrance fee but this helps to run the sites and visiting them is very educational for our clients.
  • Carolynn and Peter have run holidays from their home since 1994. It's the small touches that make them special: knowing every butterfly in their garden, serving superb wine as part of the price, and publishing guest poetry. Big thumbs up from us.