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Ardeche Adventures is an English-speaking multi-activity holiday company located in the Ardeche region in the south east of France. Our experience and expertise of providing adventure holidays in this region runs over twenty years. Ardeche Adventures is unique in being able to be offer a personal, bespoke service. Itís our company, we live here, we are passionate about the region and we are passionate about adventure for all, no matter what age. Being personally involved at every point of your trip, from the moment you book to getting you safely down the river, we provide both continuity and guaranty a high quality of service thatís safe, fun and educational.
Member since: 19 May 2015

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • All of our suppliers are based locally and we live full time in the community; liaising throughout the year with our friends and neighbors to secure an authentic experience for our guests.

  • We believe strongly in working and living in this beautiful environment and fully encourages our guests to support the local community by purchasing their produce from local farm shops, markets and cave co-operatives.

  • Part of our work helps to fund a project in west London introducing disadvantaged children into water sports. This project enables difficult to reach young people the opportunity to achieve success through water sports, improving both self-esteem and emotional well-being.

Environmental responsibility

  • We encourage our guests to appreciate the environment and work with them to help cause a minimum impact on this stunning natural park. One of our considerations in minimizing our effects it to ensure the removal of all our waste from areas of activity and respecting the local bylaws on river use, climbs and walking trails.

  • We encourage recycling and have clear areas and our company takes part in the annual Ardeche Gorge end of season clean up. All guests are encouraged to consider the conservation of this national park, and we make full use of the information supplied by the Syndicate, we supply these to all families on arrival.

  • We have full recycling facilities and show the different collection points as part of our site awareness meeting. We facilitate recycling on all our trips and activities by collecting the different materials at the end of each session.

  • We run a paperless office, and use energy efficient bulbs and power savers where possible.

Social responsibility

  • We believe that it is important and necessary for us to contribute to the community and have established strong local links during the twenty plus years that we have been living and working here. Our guests enjoy the French culture and daily interaction with residents. We encourage visits to local FÍteís and community events, as well as sites of specific interests like Aven Orgnac, and the Chauvet Cave exposition.

  • We encourage all our guests to buy local produce and arrange transfers between activities to have the minimum effect possible on the environment. We have links to rail services and were possible encourage guests to use local transport. Busses to and from national terminals, where possible we will combine transfers to minimize use of vehicles.

  • We have a recommended list of local (non franchise) restaurants, which are within walking distance of our site and we encourage our guests to use them (there is a farm shop within walking distance of our site). We have an extensive staff-training programme, which includes awareness of our environment and practical ways in which to cause the minimum impact on our surroundings.

  • We work with local guides and agree usage of climbs walks etc, so as not to over populate natural features.

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