Absolute Alpine

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We are a small, independent, owner run company, offering a range of walking, trekking, snowshoeing & family adventure holidays to the French Alps, Pyrenees, the Austrian Tyrol and Morocco. We are committed to responsible tourism and our trips are small scale with a typical group size of five to 10 guests. We have a strong nature focus and part of our mission is to highlight the unique mountain environment to our guests in order to explain why it needs to be protected and preserved for future generations.
Member since: 23 Apr 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Either our staff or guides are permanent residents of the local community
  • We make use of local service providers, such as mountain huts, chalets and guides
  • All profit generated by the AAZ goes back into local projects
  • Environmental responsibility

  • Our booking process is paperless and our brochures are printed on 100% recycled FSC approved material
  • We focus our guests’ attention on local efforts to preserve flora and fauna and we like to think the holidays significantly contribute to raising awareness of the mountain environment
  • We reduce carbon emissions by limiting transport where we can
  • Social responsibility

  • To minimise the impact of tourism on local culture, we limit the group size to eight guests
  • We strongly encourage our guests to dress in a way that is appropriate locally
  • Through the AAZ, we support local social projects such as the construction of schools
  • Convert currencies