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Australia offers fabulous walking in a huge range of environments including beaches, islands, alpine mountains, tropical rainforests and the remote outback. At Auswalk, we offer quality accommodated walking holidays all over Australia. We are the only company with INN-to-INN trips where you walk from one delightful accommodation to the next. Your luggage is moved ahead for you and you can choose to take a guided trip or go independently on a fully supported self-guided walking holiday. We also have a large range of group-guided trips ranging from 4-10 days in duration. Auswalk has achieved Advanced Ecotourism Certification.
Member since: 28 May 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Auswalk donates money to the following 3 small, local groups that are committed to conserving our natural environment:

    The Blue Mountains Conservation Society
    Their mission is to educate the community on environmental issues, conduct site inspections on land subject to development applications, operate a Native Plant Nursery, a Bushcare Network and an environmental club for children. An ongoing project is the conservation of endangered "hanging swamps" where plants such as the beautiful grevillea acanthifolia grow (pictured top right). This plant is endemic to the Blue Mountains - it grows nowhere else in the world! These swamps are also home to several threatened animals, insects and plants.

    Friends of Grampians Gariwerd
    FOGGS works in close co-operation with local Parks Victoria staff to promote the conservation, protection and restoration of the Grampians National Park. Recent projects include walking track maintenance, environmental monitoring of prescribed burning locations in the National Park and various threatened species projects. Pictured middle right during a FOGGS activity, these ladies are checking a possible specimen of the threatened small-leaf wax flower (Philotheca difformis subsp difformis).

    Friends of Otway National Park
    This group has been active in the area the Great Ocean Walk passes through for over 25 years. Their primary focus has been to assist the rangers to manage the Great Otway National Park. They have been active in written submission to government on various management and planning issues as well as local seed provenance, preparing sites and planting. Pictured bottom right, volunteers have worked hard to re-vegetate the Castle Cove Lookout area. It is now hard to distinguish this area from natural areas of the park. Other similar works occur regularly along other sections of the Great Ocean Walk.

Environmental responsibility

  • Auswalk’s office: We’re fortunate to be based in one of the most spectacular natural regions in the world - the Grampians National Park. Yes, the kangaroos really do hop by the windows! Our office is very energy efficient with its passive solar design, double glazing, rainwater tanks, solar hot water, evaporative cooling, green power and a worm farm for sewerage waste. We adopt a reduce, reuse then recycle policy wherever possible.

  • On tour: We adopt a “carry it in - carry it out” policy and pick up litter left by others. You’ll learn minimal impact walking techniques that will ensure we leave nothing behind other than footprints.

  • Minimal impact walking: We lead by example and encourage others to follow. We believe that we are doing our job well when our customers leave a tour having had a fabulous, fun filled holiday but also come away with a broader appreciation of and respect for the natural environment.

  • We view wildlife from a distance and never feed native animals. We do not light fires in the bush and we do not allow people to smoke on walks. Our motto is “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos and a piece of someone else’s rubbish”.

Social responsibility

  • Auswalk operates quality walking holidays all over Australia. Our office is based in Halls Gap, adjoining the beautiful Grampians National Park. We employ local staff to work in the office. On some of our trips, such as the Great Ocean Walk, we employ local guides and drivers. As we are a small company, in some areas the guiding is done by the owners of Auswalk. All guides undergo our comprehensive training program and this is tailored to each individual’s needs. It covers areas such as safety, first aid, group management, minimal impact techniques, environmental interpretation, cultural considerations.

  • Supporting local communities: On Auswalks we stay in local communities, enjoy eating in local restaurants and visit local attractions. In this way, more of your travel dollar benefits grass roots tourism.

  • On Auswalk trips we stay in comfortable local accommodation properties with lots of character. Each one has been personally selected by the owners. It could be an historic guesthouse, comfortable B&B, cosy home-stay, seaside cottage, alpine ski lodge, resort hotel, a luxurious Ecolodge or country motel. When we use motels, we look for small, family-run places in attractive locations. Occasionally, remote locations mean that the only accommodation available is simple in nature, such as lighthouse keepers’ cottages and outback cattle stations, but the ones we select have character and ambience that more than compensates for star ratings.

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