Magnetic North Travel

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Magnetic North travel offers tours and tailor made holidays to Scandinavia and Northern Europe. Our Nordic-inspired adventures draw upon the Norwegian philosophy of ‘Friluftsliv’, or ‘Free-air life’ - the importance of being in remote places and enjoying simple things together. We travel to the ‘near’ Magnetic North - to the outer reaches of the British Isles and Republic of Ireland and the ‘far’ Magnetic North - Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland, from 60° latitude and above.

We help our guests to experience the rhythms and patterns of the Magnetic North guided by local traditions and people. Our trips are led and co-created by craftspeople, fishermen, foragers, story-tellers, thinkers, walkers - people who’ve learnt to respect nature and live according to its rhythms. And who are all able to pass this wisdom and experience on to others.
Member since: 23 Jun 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Our winter holidays are run by local guides.
  • We also recommend to our guests to visit local organic farms and food producers.
  • Magnetic North Travel is also an independently owned company meaning that our profits directly support local families.

    Environmental responsibility

  • We never use motorised transport in fragile ecosystems and offer activities such as walking, snow-shoeing and cross country skiing.
  • We don’t sell flights. We help people to choose the best journey to their destination.
  • We offer guidance to guests on the destination and how best to reduce their environmental impact.

    Social responsibility

  • Our guides promote ‘landfull’ experiences which encourage engagement with the physical and cultural properties of the land.
  • Wherever possible, we integrate experiences that will provide guests with further cultural insight, by, for example, visiting local events.
  • We advise guests on any cultural norms or traditions that need to be respected.

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