Friendship Nepal Tours and Travels

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We are premier tour operator, specialising in a wide variety of tours and treks in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim/Darjeeling & India.
Member since: 15 Sep 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We ensure that local guides are being engaged to provide better interpretative experiences
  • We involve local communities where possible in our operations
  • We purchase, where possible, local products

    Environmental responsibility

  • We encourage our guests to take trips during the off-peak period to prevent over-straining resources and avoid using non-recyclables
  • We only contract suppliers, such as hotels, tour operators, that are able to take into account the environment impact of their activities
  • We encourage our guests to contribute to My Climate to offset their emission

    Social responsibility

  • We provide our staff with regular and ongoing training, in the principles and practices of responsible tourism
  • We support local projects that are related to environmental conservation and local community development
  • We buy souvenirs and handicrafts from local communities for our online store and corporate gifts