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Upitrek is a company specialized in unmotorised treks and other nature based program services in the Kainuu area in eastern Finland.
Member since: 18 Oct 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Our company does not own any hotel, restaurant or buses for transportation. We buy all these services from the local operators. Also the guides of our tours are locals for as much as possible.
  • So the money which we get from the clients goes for 70% for the local companies in the area and the guides. About 30% stays in Upitrek and Upitrek is also a local company, owned 100% by Urpo Heikkinen who is very much a local fellow
  • In its purchases, Upitrek is committed to preferring durable, locally produced, high-quality products. Disposable products are avoided as far as possible. Ecologically sound products are acquired whenever possible. When selecting co-operation partners, preference is given to those having an environmental policy. In addition, subcontractors are informed of the firm's purchases policy.

Environmental responsibility

  • A well-balanced connection with nature is the foundation of all Upitrek operations. Thus considering the environment constitutes an essential part of Upitrek business philosophy and is also of utmost importance to the success of the whole operation.
  • The basic business idea of Upitrek is to offer the tourist a range of products which are in concordance with Finnish nature. The products are specially designed to fuse into a harmonious whole with nature, special attention being paid to the immediate environment in which the activities take place.
  • Upitrek encourages its clients to show consideration for the environment: the visitors are offered a chance to take part in activities contributing to sustainable development. The adequacy of environmental activities is regularly assessed by means of collecting customer feedback and studying key parameters.
  • The tours and trips arranged by Upitrek comply with the environmental regulations on ecological hiking given by the Forest and Park Service within the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland. On Upitrek tours, the client is informed of local environment and culture, multiple use of forests and protection of nature, with a particular focus on regional characteristics. When Upitrek groups move in nature, they show consideration for the environment, avoid unnecessary noise, and do not leave any traces or rubbish in nature.
  • In passenger transport, public means of transportation are given priority, if this can be arranged without causing great discomfort to the client - with regard to the conditions determined by the distance, route and public transportation available.
  • The parties arranging and managing the shelters and rest stops (municipalities; Forest and Park Service) are compensated for firewood used up in making fire according to the number of people in the tour groups. This is likely prevent the making of unnecessary fires on the tour. The guide is responsible for not making the fire any bigger than necessary, and using adequate measures for putting out the fire. The amount of used firewood is controlled in connection with the billing coming from partner businesses.

    Social responsibility

    • We are also in cooperation with Forest and Park service of Finland and are following their thesis for "low impact travel". For example we pay 1,5 eur/client every time we make a fire to help the Forest and Park Service in maintenance of the trails and places for fire making.
    • Upitrek also gives a little sum of money for charity support every year, the object changes every year. The past objects has been Suomen Kansanterveysyhdistys and the rescue helicopter Sepe who operates the area.

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