Undiscovered Montenegro

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Undiscovered Montenegro offers tailor-made, sustainable holidays and tours at Lake Skadar National Park in Montenegro.
Member since: 25 Oct 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • The main settlements of Lake Skadar Virpazar, Rijeka Crnojevica, Godinje, Murici, Karuc and Dododosi have suffered years of increasing impoverishment resulting from urban migration, an earthquake in 1979 and and a lack of public investment during and after the 1990s Balkan war. Tourism is now developing as a new and valuable sector of the economy in this area of outstanding natural beauty, however the market is currently focused on day trippers who, in increasing numbers, are coached in and shepherded onto petrol-driven cruise boats, polluting the water, threatening the wildlife and producing little financial benefit beyond the tour company they booked with.

  • Undiscovered Montenegro is committed to boosting the local economy at Lake Skadar with longer-staying guests (who spread their spending) and by ensuring the financial benefit of our customers is felt at a micro level. We hope others will follow our example.

    Environmental responsibility

    • Undiscovered Montenegro is a small company with extremely low carbon emissions. With a staff of just two, we do not need to keep an office, opting to work from home. We have decided not to use printed brochures as a marketing tool and customers who book will not receive printed and posted information from us. Correspondence by email and with PDFs reduces our need to use paper at all, while any paper we do consume is printed on both sides and recycled. We are also developing our emailed information packs as podcasts so that customers can choose to use these via handheld devices rather than printing them out.

    • Through our Travellers Code, on our website and during our guided tours, we ensure our customers receive advice on how to reduce their water use, as well as minimise any damage to the environment, wildlife and the eco-system in the National Park that could otherwise result from their visit.

      Social responsibility

      By encouraging tourists from the West to visit a still relatively unknown destination in the Balkans where centuries-old cultural traditions are maintained, we believe we can create valuable cultural exchange between our customers and the host community. We aim to achieve this by:

      • Providing pre-trip information on the social and political situation at Lake Skadar and Montenegro in general (this is included in our Travellers' Code) a basic grounding in turbulent Balkan history and current-day issues is invaluable

      • Giving suggestions in our Travellers' Code and on our website on how to minimise negative impacts on local cultures especially important in a multi-ethnic destination like Lake Skadar where some communities are Muslim, while others are Orthodox Christian

        After this UK couple visited and fell in love with Lake Skadar, they escaped the rat race back home and created an activity holiday company here in 2008, complete with restored villa. It was brave of them to share the secret.
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