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We specialise in bicycle trips, rambling tours and ski tours, and you can spice up some of the trips with unique cultural events and attractions if you like. Our bicycle tours are designed for people wanting to bicycle on their own, without a guide. Our staff have bicycled all of the suggested route alternatives, so when you make reservations you will be given first-hand information about the landscape, road conditions and overnight accommodation sites. The ski and rambling tours are available with or without guide and luggage transport.
Member since: 03 Nov 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • The guides are local, our staff are local, the food is local and well use local bus companies where transport is necessary
  • We feel that its important to show our suppliers that they are cooperating and not competing
  • The money generated will stay within the local area

    Environmental responsibility

  • We use paper on both sides before we throw it in the paper garbage to be recycled
  • You can find waste stations for different kinds of rubbish close to civilised areas, towns or villages
  • The mountains are taken care of by special caretakers/inspectors (oppsynsmann)

    Social responsibility

  • Our aim is to run interesting & exciting holidays which make people want to come back to the areas they have visited
  • Accommodations have different activities like horse riding, climbing, paddling, biking, walking & learn how to survive in nature
  • Our trips are designed to allow people to enjoy the beauty of the areas & to get to know the people and the history of the area