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Be inspired by the marvellous sea creatures - the dolphins and whales - and the ocean itself. May the ease and playfulness of the dolphins, the deep silence of the whales, who are so in harmony with themselves, touch you. Enjoy the ocean with all its facets. It is a special gift to meet whales and dolphins in the vastness of the ocean, to experience their synchronicity and beauty - to sense that they often want to contact us. These mammals are obviously very interested in us.
Member since: 11 Dec 2003

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We use locally owned services such as apartment houses, restaurants and supermarkets and we offer to refill plastic container with drinking water from our filter-system (usually container are thrown away and burned after being used once) to our guests.

    Environmental responsibility

    • As I am part of the board of Me.e.r. e.V. (Mammals Encounter Education Research) there is a close base of working together and guests are provided with excellent information about different issues: implementation of a marine protected area off La Gomera, ecological whale watching as a sustainable use of cetaceans in the sense of responsible, eco-tourism, environmental care (garbage and water problems of the island).

      Social responsibility

      • We offer and guide respectful whale watching trips and provide the guests with information aboard as well as on our weekly public information evening (entrance free). Beside that we fit up all apartments with black'n'white copied folders including useful information about the island, dolphins and whales, nature protection, garbage problems, drinking water, problems of whale-watching.

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