Heritage Adventures

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Heritage Adventures is a local tour operator based in Western Norway with operation in the interesting fjord area between Bergen, Hardanger and Sogn . When started in 2007 by three long-established local tourism enterprices, this was a reaction on the rapidly growing mass tourism in the fjord area. Both the environment and the market was in need of an alternative! Originally all our tours were located to Nærøyfjord which was inscribed on Unesco’s World Heritage List in 2004. Today we offer a wide range of walks, tours and events where the natural and cultural heritage play a central role.
Member since: 16 Dec 2010

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- use local transporting companies
- employ local people as our guides and staff & buy products from local enterprises
- support the local framers by renting their land and buildings for special events

Environmental responsibility

- a big focus on “Leave no trace” when being in nature
- a constant focus on not disturbing the wildlife
- use of public transport instead of charted options when possible

Social responsibility

- we aim to support local people & economies by our activity, and hopefully contribute to conserving the few, scattered settlements in the fjord areas
- we design our products in a way which will lead to a wider understanding of the importance of natural environments & the local culture
- we believe that a professional interpretation of nature, culture & way of living is a very important tool in making local people proud of their heritage

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