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Ecoteer Responsible Travel started in 2010 through the growing need for more support for the projects associated within Southeast Asia. We provide experiences for tourists which allow you to get involved so you do rather than just see. We believe that doing is believing and is the best way for a tourist to appreciate the culture and environment of the country they are visiting.
Member since: 15 Feb 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- We aim to operate a policy of financial transparency and can provide breakdowns of how the money is distributed for each of our projects.
- We use locally owned and run accommodation throughout our projects ensuring money stays in the local economy.
- All food during the programmes is sourced and produced locally where possible.

Environmental responsibility

- Recycling facilities can be found at our project sites as well as environmentally friendly waste management systems.
- There is a 'Zero Litter' policy throughout our projects and you'll be encouraged to take all litter with you and dispose of correctly.
- Carrying capacity we have fixed group sizes for all our projects.

Social responsibility

- Local cultures & traditions are respected and incorporated into the programmes allowing voluntourists to develop cultural awareness.
- We give training to local communities and partners in areas of conservation and ecotourism, enabling them to develop skills for their future.
- Voluntourists work with rather than instead of the local community.

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