Faro del Sur

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We are a small company located in the southwest of Andalusia and we carry out nature ecotourism activities in small groups. We want to make your stay unforgettable, moving through our environment, full of natural areas, where time seems to have stopped. We visit the marshes of Isla Cristina with our kayaks and bicycles. We walk through the “Sierra de Aracena”, where the Iberian pig live. We sail in the Atlantic Ocean with our sailboat. We get into the Doñana Natural Area, with its stunning landscapes, thousands of birds on their migratory routes and unspoiled beaches
Member since: 23 Feb 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We ask for the costumers to buy salt in the artisanal saltworks we visit and encourage them to eat in local restaurants. There is lots of fresh fish as we are in a fishing village, and there is also wine from the area of Doñana.

At the Aracena Hills Natural Park we advise them to consume products coming from the iberian pigs which grow in the natural landscape of “la Dehesa” a huge gardened forest plenty of oaks. We also encourage the costumers to buy produts made of cork, chestnuts and honney from the forest. When we are groups up to 8 we do the transportation with our van, but when the group is bigger we contact with a local minibus.

We advisepeople to try local bars and restaurants where it's posible to try the local food,  such as fresh fish, from the most important fishing port of Andalusia and shellfish, which is still harvested using traditional methods. We also advise products from Iberian pigs that are raised in the nearby mountains.

Our guides are local and if we need more support, they are always people from the area. Then we make sure that the money reamains in the area and the people that guide us knowing and loving what they're showing our visitors.

Environmental responsibility

Our guides are biologists or they are in the area of environmental work, because the most important thing to us in our trips is to know the natural places in our area, also with its culture, to Respect, to Know, to Love.

In our apartments we have the materials and information that are necessary for recycling all the waste generated during the stay and we show to our customers the place where they can find the recycling containers. At our office, we separate waste for recycling. We also try to reduce consumption, reuse paper and print only when necessary. Glass, paper and plastic are all recycled. We have notes in the apartments which show how to recycle and where they can find the proper containers.

We are part of the asociation for the defense of the Camaleón. We make census of this endangered species which we can find in the sourrondings of the village. We make speeches about the Camaleón and we have done courses. We talk a lot in our trips about the protected areas of the province and we visit them, as Doñana, Isla Cristina Marshes, Aracena hills and Ria Formosa in the Algarve. We give the clients information on the level of protection of those areas, the actions that has been taken lately to protect them and responsible tourism. measures.

Social responsibility

We employ local staff. We train our staff to give them our point of view about the responsible tourism. When we give meals in our apartaments we buy local products such as cakes and olive oil. We normally buy in the local market or in shops from the village.

When we are groups up to 8 we do the transportation whith our van, but when the group is bigger we contact with a local minibus.

To clean the apartments we contact a woman who lives in the village. Anything that breaks down is fixed with local people when possible.

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