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MotMot Travel offers tailor-made holidays throughout the Caribbean for nature lovers, bird watchers, divers and for all those who would like to go beyond the usual tourist experience. We personally design every holiday to highlight all that is beautiful, diverse and authentic about these islands, but with individual tastes and budget in mind. We are a small family run travel company and believe in promoting fair and responsible travel and we are committed to supporting the local communities and economies. We are supported by an excellent team in the Caribbean, we only employ local guides and transport and always use locally owned and managed hotels.
Member since: 13 Apr 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- We always use local guides and we endeavour to assist in their training in the value of wildlife tourism and conservation. We also help provide them with equipment such as binoculars, cameras, rucksacks etc either directly or by encouraging donations from visitors.

- We purchase local product and services, so that local communities benefit.

- We use locally owned hotels, local transport and employ local people for all services such as ground handlers, tour guides etc.

Environmental responsibility

- We run our small office, which is an extension of our home, in an energy efficient manner. We recycle everything possible, including ink cartridges and purchase recycled paper.

- We encourage the use of forest reserves and wildlife parks which do not normally benefit from visits from the tourist market and pay fees to appropriate authorities for this.

- We give fees to the turtle conservation centre at Grande Riviere in Trinidad for every visitor visiting the beach to witness the Giant Leatherback Turtles laying, during the season.

Social responsibility

- We always recommend smaller owner-managed hotels rather than the larger all-inclusive resorts that are common in some areas of the Caribbean.

- Guests are immersed in the local community and village people are welcome to share in the hotelís facilities.

- We always recommend that guests eat out in local restaurants, try the street food from vendors and take part in the local culture, thus spreading holiday spending throughout the local community.

This Caribbean-born, UK-based brother and sister team create holidays away from the typical resorts of the region, with a focus on bespoke nature and culture.
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