Mali Mystere

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Mali Mystery Expeditions is a travel and tourism agency located in Timbuktu. We offer off-the-beaten path journeys throughout all the unique destinations within Mali, including Timbuktu, Dogon Country, Djenne, Segou, Festival in desert and the River Niger. Mali Mystere Expeditions simplifies your trip, taking care of everything including transport, meals, and logistics so that you can take full advantage of the experience. We put our knowledge and field experience at your disposal to guarantee safety, comfort, and countless discoveries all for your personalized sojourn in Mali. Immerse yourself fully in this magnificent country to make the very most of your journey.
Member since: 11 May 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- We employ 100% local guides, driver & cooks
- We visit local markets and restaurants, so the journeys we take help to stimulate the economies of our destinations
- Over the past 10 years we have established relationships with local restaurants & hotels that have similarly high standards for the safety, comfort, and provision of an enlightening experience for tourists

Environmental responsibility

- We plan tours carefully so as to maximise ride sharing
- We always offer empty bottles to children and adults along our journeys who will continue a long cycle of re-use for the bottles
- Travellers are encouraged to individually do their part to dispose of any waste in designated facilities

Social responsibility

- We generally attract travellers who are interested in off-the-beaten path travel and discovering local cultures
- We arrange for authentic interactions facilitated by knowledgeable, multilingual, experienced guides
- Our local guides and contacts identify schools along our tours that are most in need, and we coordinate with travellers and schoolteachers to distribute supplies