Newbold Trust

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We are a small community based in a beautiful Victorian mansion, set in extensive organic gardens, 27 miles east of Inverness, on the edge of the attractive small town of Forres and 5 miles from the sea at Findhorn. We offer a range of experiences from straightforward holidays and personal retreats through to workshops and courses in many skills for personal and environmental sustainability. We specialise in offering a friendly welcome with good local mainly vegetarian food in beautiful surroundings where learning and pleasure go hand in hand.
Member since: 12 May 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We contribute to the local economy in a number of ways. We grow most of our own vegetables and fruit, make our own bread and apple juice and sell some of this produce at the local Farmerís Market. When we need to buy in we source as locally as we can. For example though mostly vegetarian, when we buy meat we use a local butcher whose produce is all sourced locally to a very high welfare standard.
Itís also important that our suppliers are socially responsible and employ local people. For example, many of our dried goods come from a local whole food shop that is a community owned enterprise.

Environmental responsibility

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. Our major current project is to transform our large 1890ís Victorian country house into a completely carbon neutral base for all our activities. We will be using multiple renewable energy sources including sun, wind and wood fuel. The infrastructure is being designed both to maximize efficiency and for educational access.

Alongside this big project we are not neglecting the daily choices. For example we compost all our food waste, have a car share scheme and use low energy lighting. We either recycle paper or use it for composting and wherever possible, we avoid using printed materials and market via the Internet. For any materials we do print we use an award winning environmentally friendly printing company based in the next village.

Social responsibility

You will take back experience that will help you live more sustainably at home as a result of the skills you can learn here. Itís important to be clear that we donít do all these things perfectly ourselves. We are, however, committed to learning by trying things out and often find that we learn from our guests as well. What is important for us is going on a voyage of learning together which is also enjoyable.

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