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Lady Egypt Tours proudly holds its position as one of the leading tour operators in Egypt, the Middle East and Northern Africa. It was established in 2001 which able management and employees alike with extensive experience in organizing and managing tours in the most efficient ways. We have served thousands of satisfied travellers from all over the globe.

We are specialists in a variety of tours in Egypt and Jordan. These include group tours, individual tours, special events and conference events. Being well aware of the requirements of each tour and its travellers, we plan and execute them in the most efficient ways. Special events are our forte. These include an annual belly dancing festival held in the vicinity of the Pyramids of Giza. Other majestic holidays include honeymoon packages and meditation tours.

Lady Egypt Tours is a proud member of a number of important tourism and travel associations. We are a member of IATA Membership IATA No: 90-212496 (International Air Transport Association), a member of ETAA License No: 1275 (Egyptian Travel Agents Association) and we are a member of ASTA Membership ASTA No: 900203738 (American Society of Travel Agents).

The New Egypt
Along with the “New Egypt” the company attempted new venues within tourism and expanded our destinations to include two new destinations including Syria and Sudan. It is a close knit group of employees who strongly live out the company slogan which is: “Experience Egypt with Lady Egypt Tours”.
Member since: 06 Jun 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- We make use of local guides in all destinations to promote working opportunities.
- In Egypt we support two orphanages. Clients have the option to visit the homes during their trip.
- In all our destinations we encourage passengers to buy from local vendors and to support the local handicraft. We also mention to them that this is sometimes the only means of income for the people selling the handicraft.

Environmental responsibility

- All vehicles are regularly maintained to reduce the carbon fumes released into the environment.
- In Egypt we have a yearly desert cleaning project in El Fayoum where your staff spend the day cleaning the area of the Wadi Rayan Protected Area.
- In Jordan, Egypt and Syria: we don’t make use of any forms of horse carriages and camel carriages. In many cases the animals are mistreated and we don’t support animal cruelty.

Social responsibility

- In Egypt, in Aswan we visit the Nubian Houses where the passengers get the opportunity to eat a traditional dinner while the children are shown how bread is made. The ladies draw henna tattoos on the female passengers. We as a company give them financial support for their effort during these visits.
- In Jordan – in the Wadi Rum we make use of Bedouin camps for night stays. The Bedouins then perform with their musical instruments and tell Bedouin stories.

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