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Real Boot Camp Spain is a business dedicated to bringing an affordable weight loss and fitness option to the people who really need help with weight loss and fitness, it was developed by two friends who had a mutual desire to offer a new kind of boot camp, one where education was just as important as physical activity and that would offer an aftercare and support program which would continue to educate and motivate clients to change their bodies and attitudes towards food and physical activity not just for a week, but hopefully for life!
Member since: 08 Jun 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The Staff employed at the Masia are local, our drivers and our guides are local.

It is essential in the more remote and rural regions of Spain to be able to offer employment to local people, some villages in rural Spain have literally been almost deserted due to lack of employment opportunity, with younger family members relocating to the cities, leaving only small numbers of mainly elderly residents in the villages and dividing families.

Environmental responsibility

The Masia was reconstructed using locally sourced materials and labour. The original structures and features were preserved wherever possible.

The Masia’s main power source is solar, plus gas, and two open log fires in the main dining and lounge areas, all wood used is sustainable and gathered from old, diseased and fallen trees on the 150 hectares of private land on which the Masia sits.

Recycling is a way of life here, both in our office and the Masia itself, glass, metal, plastic, paper, and organic waste are all recycled, as are printer cartridges used in our office.

Social responsibility

The Masia’s 150 hectares of land are managed to ensure the preservation of the indigenous trees, plants and wildlife.

All guests are informed on appropriate behaviour both inside and outside of the Masia, for example when out hiking or mountain biking, why it is essential the guests do not stray the designated tracks / trails, pick up and recycle rubbish on their return to the Masia. Inside the Masia, how to conserve water and power.

Our guides are local and have a natural enthusiasm for this area, its diverse landscape, trees, plants and animals, and they love to share their knowledge!

The staff at the Masia and the guides are local; the owners actively seek out and use local suppliers and use goods and services from the surrounding villages.

Founded on Spain's Costa Blanca by a British ex-corporate career woman. She hosts fitness and wellness retreats with all the drive and motivation of a boot camp, but with a more holistic and healing approach.