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Royle Safaris excels in providing innovative, quality safaris, wildlife holidays and wildlife tours to some of the most amazing destinations in the world. With a great selection of tours tailored to view some of the most charismatic and endangered animals on the planet, we are sure you will find a tour which will take your fancy. We specialise in wildlife holidays which are environmentally friendly and all our tours are run in sustainable ways. We often visit countries which are difficult to get to and navigate around; however it is often these countries which provide some of the greatest wildlife spectacles which is why we want to take you there.
Member since: 05 Jul 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

- Where ever possible we always use small-scale and environmentally friendly accommodation and eateries in and around the wildlife watching areas we are visiting. This means that the majority of the money spent goes directly into the local community and the people can see and feel the benefit of eco-tourism.
- Everyone of our tours uses local guides who have an incredible knowledge of the area. The local guides have a hands on influence on the tour and this means that guiding can become a reputable occupation and lifestyle choice for people who sometimes have few other options.
- For each tour we run we donate money to a conservation, preservation, research or humanitarian organisation based around the focus of the tour that was run.

Environmental responsibility

- All our suppliers, accommodation, places to eat and other establishments used throughout the tours are all hand picked to ensure that their environmental practices are sustainable (however due to some countries being very underdeveloped this is not always possible).
- We carbon-offset each tour we run (to cover costs of internal flights, international flights of our zoologist escorts to keep our carbon footprint low.
- We make donations to research, conservation, preservation or humanitarian organisations for each tour we run, the organisation is chosen based on the focus of the tour.

Social responsibility

- All our suppliers, ground agents and local guides are just that ‘Local and live in or near the wildlife watching destination’, this means that we are providing and supporting jobs locally and not outsourcing to foreigners.
- We try and use local, independent and community based projects which encourage the use of local produce and sustainable energy sources as well as being directly responsible for increasing education, conservation and development in these remote rural areas.
- All our guests receive a comprehensive pre-departure pack once they have booked on a tour and the tour is confirmed. This pack includes a detailed itinerary and species list as well as detailed information on culture, religion, environment, food etc which is all relevant to the tour.

Zoologist Martin has spent most of his life travelling world to work with wildlife. He founded this holiday company to let travellers enjoy some of the world's most specialist wildlife tours. Creatures of the sea, land and air can be observed in the company of expert naturalist guides.
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