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Technotour Hellas S.A. was formed in 2008, and is based in Tripolis-Greece. The company is headed by Mr. Nikos G. Panagiotopoulos (civil engineer) and specializes in constructing, equiping, organizing and operating hotels; and organising holiday packages in Arcadia and in Peloponnese. At this time, we are owners of Palatino Rooms & Apartments, a city hotel in Tripolis, and we also have just developed our tour operation department, Active-Greece! We believe we offer a truly unique service in the Greek tourism industry, by offering a multi-activity tour package suited to the active traveler and an archeological one ideal for those who seek knowledge through history.
Member since: 11 Jul 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Accommodation: Our emphasis is on “Palatino Rooms and apartments” a hotel managed by us. Hotel is fully employed by local workers and most suppliers are locals supporting the local economy. In case that of non availability we co-operate with other local hotels.

Food : an integral part of real understanding and enjoyment of a region is eating the local food. our guides and tour – leaders aim to provide a guided tour to the regional cuisines as well as site and landscapes and in this way our passengers are given the opportunity to enjoy our local food.

Transport : Our small group size allows us to use small vehicles like minibuses which are more practical when visiting areas away from the hotel.

Environmental responsibility

Respect for environment is essential to our philosophy and to our tours and we environmentally ensure that our groups don’t have a negative effect on the environment. Our company recycles paper, plastic, glass, metal and we avoid using paper with the help of e-technology and the use of e-mails and e-data basis. All our outdoor activities are envier friendly as they don’t include for example jeeps, jet skis and in general motors. We prefer moving with the power of wind, the power of water and the power of ourselves!

Before this trip, every participant of these holidays gets informed about our Travellers Code of Conduct that contains pre-trip information about ways to reduce the negative impacts from their travel in the environment and more socio-cultural protection information.

Social responsibility

Finally we inform passengers are advised to learn about political and other related concerns in our country. We believe this is important so they can get an even better understanding about Greece, as our area is 100% pure and travellers will have the opportunity to meet the real Greece away from mass-tourism.

A good understanding of the political system and history of the country visited is an essential requirement for all our tour – leaders who will do their best to pass the Greek feeling to the visitor. Our Travellers Code of Conduct which has been also mentioned before, contains pre-trip information not only about environmental protection but also for socio-cultural like behaviours from his side that should be avoided etc

Founded 2012 by Christos, Peloponnese born and bred, this company is, to use a Greek word, the antithesis of mass tourism. Meaning, literally, ‘set against’ something. Because his trips break all the tourism moulds.
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