Namgay Adventure Travels

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A Bhutanese owned tour agency in Bhutan with firsthand knowledge, experience and expertise in adventure activities. Namgay Adventure Travels was established in 2000. The focus of Namgay Adventure Travels is to introduce visitors to the people and aspects of Bhutan that they might not see with other conventional travel services allowing individuals, couples, families and groups of all ages and athletic abilities to enjoy breathtaking sceneries and to live intense and unique cultural experiences in complete safety.
Member since: 24 Aug 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We employ content local support staff at the office. We use local services on our trails.

On our treks and tours, individuals from different villages generate income through;
1. Pottering from village to village
2. Assisting as cook or village guide
3. Community distinctive cultural performances
4. Sales of typical community crafts, vegetables, dried fruits and other agricultural products
5. Community campsite fee
6. Animal Transportation.

In this way we are able support the livelihood of the local community in the area and to create more awareness on the preservation and promotion of our natural, environmental, and cultural heritage. Trekking provides an opportunity to directly benefit the local economies in the trek areas by using the services and products available locally.

We stay at farmhouses and local Bhutanese owned hotels for overnights. We are able to spread the economic benefits of tourism to small local accommodation providers. In turn, our guests are able to receive insight into local culture and ways of life.

Environmental responsibility

  • As land farming is localized (livestock on the plateaus, crops in the valleys), the impact of human presence on the landscape remains low. We make our staff and guests aware that we count on all involved in the tour to leave these natural areas as clean as possible.
  • We remind our staff and guests to pick up all trash throughout our walk and take the time to leave our own camps clean. Sort and bring the most polluting waste back (batteries, etc...) Regroup waste and burn it.
  • We prefer to boil and cool water for drinking rather than buying lots of plastic water bottles that will only increase the amount of waste.
  • Wash our laundry away from water sources that serve as drinking water for people or for animals (horses, yaks, etc...).
  • I walk to office every day and use public transport to travel short distances out of town. My contribution is small but nonetheless worthwhile and enjoyable.

    We have been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture & Forests, Department of Forests & Park Services, Royal Government of Bhutan as “Partners of Conservation” in recognition of our contributions and efforts for Biodiversity Conservation in Bhutan.

    Social responsibility

    A visit to the rural communities gives our guests a true experience of Bhutanese culture, old traditions and a better perspective of rural day to day life in our villages. These communities play a big role in the success of our trips and we love to give back a little something to the people & and the community. Our community efforts focus on:
    1. Providing Access to clean drinking water to reduce disease and improve children’s health in the community
    2. Providing Access to clean toilet facilities. Keeping the environment clean, by stopping use of bushes as quick latrines
    3. Awareness building on issues of Hygiene and Sanitation. Children practice proper hygienic behavior in the school and then take these behaviors home to their families.
    4.Community involvement to teach local people about why we need a proper toilet system and encourages the local people to self finance, construct and use proper toilets to improve community health.

    We also have a program designed to offer education for girls in far reaching villages in Bhutan. A program simply called Girls Too.