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Socialtours is a Nepal based and offers tailor made trips that promotes and preserves nepal's rich cultural and ecological diversity. Treks are offered to the Everest Region, the Annapurna Region, Langtang Region in Nepal and the Mt. Kailash region in Tibet. Treks focus on culture, festivals and traditions. Extensions/main trips in adventure activities such as rafting, safari, canyoning, bunjy, mountain biking, bird watching, snow leopard watch, para gliding, skiing are also offered. Cultural/spiritual experiences of shamanism, meditation, art & culture, village stay and volunteering is also offered. All trips aim to maximise the spread of income in the local economy.
Member since: 03 Dec 2003

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We use locally owned and run accommodation as far as possible instead of chains owned by foreign companies.

As far as possible we will use local equipment. We will hire the equipment from qualified hiring agencies so that the money gets more evenly spread in the economy.

In most destinations we will aim to where possible to purchase our food from locally produced source.

We support local income generation and small business enterprises by supporting locally owned shops and restaurants.

Environmental responsibility

We aim to take responsibility for maintaining and improving the environment.

We look for appropriate systems for minimizing water and atmospheric pollution from tourism developments.

We aim to achieve zero litter policies.

We aim to integrate environmental considerations into all economic considerations.

We will provide regular and ongoing training, in the principles and practices of responsible tourism

Social responsibility

We will take into consideration environmental cultural and economic issues when looking at tours that we develop.

We will ensure that our operations do not disrupt or lead to the displacement of local people so we ensure that our type and scale of tourism is appropriate to local conditions and operate within the limits set by local appropriate infrastructure and carrying capacity.

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