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Yoga holidays and retreats in the ancient medieval village of Casperia. Time to relax and recharge your mind, body and soul. Join us for a yoga holiday where you can join in with group yoga classes or have one-to-one yoga tuition. Or simply enjoy a retreat from the world at the beautifully restored Casa Latini where you can choose from a large selection of holistic treatments, explore the mountains and villages or take part in numerous activities, from horse-riding to hot springs.
Member since: 03 Dec 2003

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We support the local community economically by bringing our groups to medieval hilltop locations rural areas in Italy.

Local businesses benefit from our visitors from local craft shops to local farmers as our visitors live alongside local people and buy from the local community.

Also Sunflower Retreats from their profits support festivals and local functions yearly

Environmental responsibility

We promote eco tourism and traditional organic methods of farming and work along side the WWFand other anti hunting organizations in protecting the Sabina mountains fauna and Flora and in the rest of Italy and worldwide as a whole.

And to announce to visitors and the local people the benefits and the values of working in harmony with nature and the importance of nature as a key element of the wellbeing of the human health in the next century.

We transport guests to local nature reserves, wild streams, wild sulfur springs, mountains and woodlands, explaining to our visitors the functioning and cycle of the flora and fauna of these places.

Social responsibility

We work alongside local people as our groups are small and have a theme of relaxation and eco tourism.
The local community welcome small groups like ours as they are not of mass tourism nature.

The local community also have begun to provide more traditional crafts and other goods for our visitors which were nearly exstint a few years ago.

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