Strel Swimming Adventures

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We organise open water swimming holidays in Slovenia for all levels of swimmers. We take care of the entire organisation of each trip, including guiding, coaching and accommodation to ensure your safety and enjoyment. All you need is a passion for the outdoor swimming - we will do the rest!
Member since: 19 Sep 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All our qualified and experienced guiding team is 100% local. This allows our guests to be safe in good hands, as well as to learn about the region from someone who knows the area(s) intimately. Out hotel base is local and employs only the local people from the region.

We eat our meals at local places (traditional houses) to offer our guests the choice of local food, enjoyment and experience. Vegetarians are welcomed. We do not work with charities at present but we are starting to do so in the next year, with a Slovenian Lake and River keeper's organization.

Environmental responsibility

Slovenia is known as a land of pure water and greenery. 70% of the country is forested and most of the lakes and rivers are clean enough to drink. We encourage guests to drink water from the tap or lake. We escort swimmers on a human-powered rowing boats and canoes.

Our welcome pack that clients receive on arrival which includes info on the environmental code of conduct tourists are asked to respect.

We separate our refuge into three different bins that are collected and taken to the local recycling point on a regular basis. We give back empty batteries, return bottles/glass and leave the paper to be picked up for recyling.

Social responsibility

We encourage our guests to support the local people and regions by giving them tips for their service and buying their local products such as souvenirs and gifts.

All of our guests receive a welcome pack which includes all Slovenia info from history, cultural heritage, geographical data to food, top places to visit, transportation info and the country map. Apart from that, we are a local team of guides who know the country well and we provide constant commentary and story-telling while on the trip about the places/interesting things we go through.

Our welcome pack includes the code of conduct regarding social behaviour in Slovenia. We use local owned family hotel Jezero at the Lake Bohinj. They serve locally produced and sourced food.

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