WhaleSwim Adventures

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WhaleSwim Adventures is an eco-tour company operating in Tonga and Niue during the humpback whale breeding season, August October each year. Our 7 & 9-day whale watching expeditions to swim with the humpback whales include accommodation, meals, 5 or 7-day boat trips with the whales, education, guidance in the water, a traditional feast, dancing and kava ceremony, snorkelling pristine reefs and caves and exploring the beauty of untouched islands and cays. A percentage of our profits go to the WhaleQuest Foundation for whale conservation and education opportunities for local students.
Member since: 01 Mar 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We have a strict policy of working with a variety of accommodation facilities, charter companies, restaurants, taxis, local tour operators, growers etc thus insuring that the local businesses and communities benefit from our expeditions.

Our tour packages include a Tongan Feast and Dance night and craft fair organised by a local village and we suggest our guests purchase their arts, crafts and souvenirs at this fair or at the local markets which promotes & encourages the local trade and economy.

We also employ local guides and staff.

Environmental responsibility

Our clients are informed on the need to adhere strictly to our waste disposal policies during their time in Tonga. This is to insure that they do nothing to disturb or change the balance in the eco-system.

Local communities are constantly reminded and educated on the need to protect and preserve their culture and the environment as to continually attract tourism.

We do not print information brochures, all our information is on our website where information can be downloaded if and when required. All paper in our offices is recycled and we refrain from accepting plastic bags or wrapping whenever possible.

Social responsibility

As a strict policy, we believe in training and retraining of staff and volunteers alike to ensure that they are acquainted with contemporary issues involved in providing safe, informative, educative, life changing and sustainable tourism.

We only work with local suppliers who strictly adhere to the 'Whale-watching Guidelines of Tonga & Niue' that cause little or no negative impact on the humpback whales in the area.

A potion of the profits generated by WhaleSwim Adventures are channeled into The WhaleQuest Foundation for the preservation of the South Pacific Humpback Whales and financing education for local Tongans in the fields of marine sciences and marine tourism.

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