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Australian Wilderness Adventures is a tour company whose guiding principle is to create inspiring, environmentally sustainable, wilderness walking and hiking journeys. Our passion is sharing these unique places with our clients. Our livelihood relies on us having a ‘leave no trace’ policy, our obligations to nature are very clear. Without the wilderness we have no business.
Member since: 04 Oct 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Currently we have set ourselves the target of donating 5% of annual profits to a range of charity organisations and carbon offset programs which we believe promote and deliver real benefit to the wilderness areas in which we operate. Wherever possible and appropriate we employ local people to help us provide the most authentic and in-depth knowledge of the areas that we visit. By hiring local people and whenever possible using local goods and services we strengthen our bonds with these local communities and add value to our clients holiday experience.

Environmental responsibility

Australian Wilderness Adventures adhere to minimal impact bushwalking principles and a ‘leave no trace’ policy. We participate in a carbon offset program and use 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) paper products. Wherever possible we buy local organically produced products. Water and its’ conservation/preservation is a big focus for us, we conserve water in many ways from washing our vehicles with a bucket and sponge, to training/advising our clients to brush their teeth with a cup of water rather than leaving a tap running.

Social responsibility

We support local business and communities in all the areas in which we operate by purchasing as much as possible our provisions and supplies from them, from a social viewpoint we honour local customs and traditions and impress upon our clients the importance of strong local communities. By visiting local indigenous art galleries and cultural centres we deepen our clients understanding of local communities and history and culture in the regions we visit and give them opportunities to financially contribute to that growth through the purchase of locally made goods and services.

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