Journey Anatolia

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Journey Anatolia specialises in overland tours of Turkey. The tours focus on the real culture of Turkey, its people, its extreme landscapes and natural wonders. We aim to bring people together from all walks of life to share a vision of Turkey that differs from the mainstream, one that focuses on authentic experience.
Member since: 06 Apr 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • In addition to the drivers or guides looking out for the tour groups JA is committed to using local guides, especially in museums, world heritage sites and places of historic significance.
  • We use small, family run hotels and guesthouses, where the traveller has a chance to meet and know local people. Our choice hotels either grow their own food produce or source their produce locally.
  • Restaurants specialising in local produce and local culinary cultures are encouraged.

Environmental responsibility

  • JA is committed to minimal paper waste and is opposed to the production of printed brochures. We seek to conduct our marketing campaigns primarily through the Internet and word of mouth.
  • We endeavour to ensure the company's administrative operations are energy efficient.
  • We give serious consideration to environmental issues when deciding on our destinations.
  • Our tours favour drinking water from good natural sources and encourage clients to avoid purchasing water in plastic bottles.
  • We are conscious about litter and seek to minimise it wherever possible.

Social responsibility

  • A basic guide to the social, political and historical context of the country is provided for those who book with JA.
  • We advise our clients as to how they can potentially minimise negative impacts on the local culture or community.
  • We always travel in small groups, this helps to minimises our impact on local cultures and on the environment.
  • As much as possible we seek to include important social projects in our itinerary. Currently we are trying to draw attention to an important archaeological excavation, one that is racing against time to rescue the ancient city of Allianoi before it is submerged under the waters of Yortanli dam. The damn, currently in construction, has serious cultural and environmental consequences. Tourism could help save the site, since it would generate an alternative source of income, locals may realise the site's cultural value over the dam.

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