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Haivenu Tours is a wholly Vietnamese company based in Hanoi. We offer high-quality tours and holidays in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to individuals, couples and families who want to combine the comforts of city hotels with authentic experiences in little visited areas. All our tours are individually designed to order - the tours we advertise are templates that can be adapted to each customerís precise requirements. Haivenu Tours is already recognised as a leader in the development of responsible tourism in Vietnam, and respected as an efficient and ethical tour operator working with the top end of the international market.
Member since: 28 Apr 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • employ indigenous people wherever possible
  • encourage visitors to use small local hotels and homestays in poor areas
  • encourage visitors to buy locally produced products and souvenirs
  • discourage purchases of goods and souvenirs produced in poor areas but sold in city shops
  • work with local private and state companies wherever possible support projects attempting to develop income-generating capacity in indigent local communities

Environmental responsibility

  • travel only in very small groups accompanied by experienced licensed local guides, and only enter environmentally sensitive areas with the willing permission of the local conservation authority
  • provide a code of conduct relating to environmental issues to all visitors prior to travelling and reinforce it upon arrival with detailed guidelines about environmentally conscious behaviour
  • work closely with relevant environmental agencies and organisations to promote good tourism practice as a means of poverty alleviation
  • provide support to worthwhile, but poorly funded, conservation initiatives
  • work closely with destination suppliers to encourage their development of policies relating to environmental protection, particularly regarding recycling, energy use, waste and effluent, and water conservation

Social responsibility

  • respect the culture and lifestyle of the communities we visit, and expect visitors to follow our example
  • employ guides from ethnic minority communities where appropriate
  • make visitors aware of the risk of acculturation in little visited communities
  • help visitors to understand the issues associated with begging and suggest appropriate alternatives to giving money to people in need
  • notify visitors about regulations and risks associated with prostitution and drugs, and refuse to book tours for anyone indicating an intention to involve themselves in these and any similar illegal activities

This small, family-run company was founded in 2000. The owner and her team originate from across Vietnam and have an unparalleled knowledge of the country and the rest of Indochina - as well as a deep passion for the region's culture, people and food.
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