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Since 1979, ROW Adventures founder Peter Grubb, and partner Betsy Bowen have poured heart and soul into creating adventure travel experiences that enrich lives and exceed expectations. We began as a company with a focus on white water rafting and have grown into an adventure travel company with an eclectic collection of trips to top destinations around the world. Because we personally researched and developed each itinerary, we have an intimate connection with every destination. Working together with our local guides, our collective goal is to preserve and protect the character of the cultures, lands and waters we visit while travelling responsibly and sensitively.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

In our home state of Idaho in the USA, our entire office staff is local. Guides that work on our trips in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington are from the American West for the most part. Internationally all our trips are led by local guideswhether that be in Ecuador, Peru, Croatia or Brazil. Our entire office staff is local. We donate over $15,000 in goods and services to various charities in northern Idaho, eastern Washington and western Montana. We buy locally and responsibly. A simple example is that on all our USA-based trips we buy only Fair Trade and Shade Grown coffee that we buy this from a local supplier.

Environmental responsibility

Throughout our organization, be it at our administrative headquarters, our local outposts or in the field, we practice the “Four R’s” of sustainability – Reduce, Repurpose, Recyle, Reuse. We are also very select in our direct-marketing program to be sure that we do not send unwanted or undeliverable mail. Whenever possible, we print with soy inks and UV coatings on tree-free paper or high-quality recycled stock supplied by companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. We minimize motorized travel on our trips, preferring to see a small geographic area well, rather than a large area.

Social responsibility

Hiring local guides is another important measure to be sure that our guests are aware of and follow local customs. We typically include visits to local community projects or groups working on improving social or environmental conditions in the destination area such as the Pescado Azul Women's Associationin the Galapagos, as mentioned above. We provide extensive reading lists for every destination and encourage guests to read and learn as much as possible prior to their departure. We work with Native Peoples. We have a trip in Montana that visits the Blackfeet Reservation and stays at a Tipi Camp run by the Blackfeet, using their guide services.

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