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Mountain Innovations provides holidays and courses for all levels of ability based in the Highlands of Scotland. We offer unmatched hospitality including our clients as our friends. There is a strong emphasis in all our holidays on the bounty provided by nature on a seasonal basis and how to preserve the environment which surrounds us.
Member since: 27 May 2004

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Economic responsibility

  • Mountain Innovations is entirely Highland based, both as a company and whilst delivering the holidays.
  • We source as much produce as we can locally and we support a number of local business'. This is both directly and indirectly through many of our guests spend money iin the local shops and pubs thereby further helping to support employment.
  • We employ only local guides. Their in-depth knowledge of the Highland mountains is invaluable, greatly increasing flexibility and enhancing the overall experience.

Environmental responsibility

  • On all our holidays we have a 'leave nothing, take only photographs' policy. Our guides are asked to explain and encourage this policy.
  • We offer transfers between Inverness airport and Aviemore rail station which encourages guests to use public transport when coming on one of our guided walking holidays or courses.
  • All waste kitchen vegetable matter is composted, as is all 'soft' garden waste i.e. all weeds (incl. perennial ones), 'soft' cuttings, lawn cuttings, etc. We have 3 large compost bins, with a total capacity of over 4 cubic metres. This is an appropriate size for the quantity of waste vegetable matter produced. We're self-sufficient in compost and have been since opening at the beginning of 1999.
  • We grow as many of our own vegetables and herbs as we possibly can.
  • Recycling of: cardboard, all cans (steel & aluminium), glass, clothing, footwear, books - We use the facilities provided by the local authority, recycling companies and various charities for these materials.

Social responsibility

  • Our location has an energetic and vibrant community putting on a good number of lively social events through the year including comedy plays, ceilidhs and festivals. We encourage our guests to support these by scheduling holidays to coincide with them.
  • Our guides are not only there for our clients safety & enjoyment but also to informally share their knowledge of the mountain environment - from its geological beginnings and natural history through to contemporary land management and its associated politics. We also like to convey an appreciation of the close interrelationship and intricacies between the geology, natural environment and the socioeconomic aspects, past and present.
  • Along with the history we also like to convey the contemporary opportunities and pressures facing the area both environmental & socioeconomic eg the detrimental effect of second home ownership. Through our clients patronage we very much support and applaud the work done by such organisations as the Mountaineering Council of Scotland, the John Muir Trust and the Scottish Wild Land Group.

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