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Kahembe’s Trekking and Cultural Safaris is a Community Based Organisation specialaizing in Cultural Safaris and Mt. Hanang Trekking within the Babati and Hanang Districts of Tanzania dealing specifically with ethnic tribes of these Districts in the rural areas off the sell trodden tourists circuits; for the Tribal Cultural Insights/Contrasts to enable the Tourists to interact freely with these tribes eating and drinking the local foods, drinks, joining in cultural dances and rituals; learning about the real life as lived by ordinary Tanzanians in the rural areas; participating/financing at grass roots level in rural development projects in schools, environmental , health, agro-forestry, transport ( village feeder roads and bridges) conservation projects, water so as to improve the standards of living of these rural people while preserving their cultural heritage.
Member since: 10 Jun 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Our Tariffs are shared amongst various service providers and villages and local authorities for village development
  • individuals especially the women who hitherto have been denied any income by husbands, earn income which they use for family upkeep
  • through the village development levy, the community indirectly benefit through the assisted projects
  • through projects donations by visitors, we renovate schools, make or repair village feeder roads/bridges, hospitals/dispensaries, water sources, bore water holes/shallow wells, supply local low fuel/ energy consumption equipment.

Environmental responsibility

  • Through Environmental Concerned Tourists to our areas, we canvas for funds to assist in the control of soil erosion, water sources conservation, rare wildlife and bird conservation, natural forests conservation, lake water bed control, control spread of waste plastic bags in shopping centers and villages

    Social responsibility

    • We advocate and practice social interactions between the visitors and villagers by enabling the tourists to interact and mix freely with the people in their villages, eating and drinking together local foods, drinks, with overnights in the family local huts, joining in ceremonial local dances, rituals, daily family chores- cooking, fetching water, fetching firewood, herding/watering cows, drinking in local bars etc. thus breaking the barriers between the different races.