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Crees is an ethical and sustainable organisation that uses responsible tourism to fund projects that build a more sustainable Amazon. crees provides an extraordinary opportunity to visit the rainforest, get up close to the amazing wildlife, interact with local communities and reduce the negative impacts of tourism. Each tour provides visitors affordable and unforgettable experiences that deepen visitorís understanding of the Amazon and its people.
Member since: 01 Dec 2011

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

By actively engaging in a voluntary involvement programme our Foundation works with motivated members and whole communities who are actively seeking to change their futures by using sustainable initiativesWe creating sustainable agriculture, timber and carbon alternatives for local communities on deforested and impacted land. By effectively reducing the human and carbon footprint, the intiative aims to increase revenues and create value added products that enhance the region's sustainable offerings.

Environmental responsibility

We work hard to minimise environmental impacts caused by our activities through considerations such as preventing the purchase of surplus packaging and plastic wrapping and buying biodegradable products when possible. Operationally, we are committed to using equipment with the highest eco-efficiency standards, such as utilising a solar-powered internet connection, an environmentally-sound septic system and gravity-fed water pumps. We are constantly working to improve our environmental policies and work closely with bodies such as the Oxford Universityís Environmental Change Institute to implement and improve our internal systems.

Social responsibility

We consider it essential to generate benefits to local communities (settlers and natives) through promoting education, whilst generating sustainable local development alternatives. We also contribute to the conservation and protection of the local cultural heritage by supporting bilingual education programmes, promoting indigenous rights and promoting equality. We aim to encourage local diversity and creativity and we ensure respect for human rights, political and religious conviction, ethnic and gender equality and a balance between professional and personal life.

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