Eternal Landscapes

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We are a joint Mongolian-English team of four and our passion is Mongolia.

We invite you to travel with us for a true insight and a true adventure. Our aim is to ensure you leave Mongolia feeling that you have had a truly refreshing and individual experience and an inspiring journey.

We are not a large profit driven company - we choose to keep our tour company small as this allows us to concentrate on the quality of the experiences we provide. Our tours are designed to deliver adventure, discovery and exploration mixed with a feeling of freedom and a sense of independence.
Member since: 05 Jan 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Our visits to the national parks and protected areas of Mongolia can bring economic benefits as our entrance fees contribute to maintenance and conservation. We as visitors benefit from the natural beauty but must be aware of, and manage, our own level of impact.

Environmental responsibility

Mongolia has extremely limited waste management and recycling. Plastic bottles, batteries and sanitary waste are particularly challenging to dispose of safely. In certain areas, Mongolia is not as pristine as expected but there is no need for us to add to this problem. All litter will be carried with us until we can dispose of it in a responsible manner removing any litter left by others (to the best of our ability).

Social responsibility

Eternal Landscapes makes a constant effort to support local businesses. We buy Mongolian produce for the meals on the tour, we support local traditional crafts by buying direct from local artisans and we use locally owned restaurants both in UB and in the countryside. On overnight treks we use only guides and horse wranglers local to the area that we are trekking in.

Founder Jess says Mongolia 'made a home in her heart' - and along with her local team, she creates a home in Mongolia for those who travel here with her UB-based company. She's kept it small so she can oversee the small details that make her trips so special.
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