Walking Holidays in Spain

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Enjoy a unique Mediterranean walking holiday; venture into the heart of the Spanish countryside with five great walks each exploring a different aspect of the natural environment. We offer a variety of quality walking while you find out the secrets of one of Europe's most beautiful and diverse landscapes. Your guide will take you on an innovative voyage of discovery through unspoilt Mediterranean countryside that puts you in the picture, all you have to do is find a flight and we will do the rest.
Member since: 21 Sep 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We are committed to diversifying and strengthening the local economy through sustainable development, e.g. by introducing rural tourism, by using locally grown produce and by supporting others doing the same.
  • We always use accommodation, restaurants, shops and services available in the village.
  • By employing local guides with specialist knowledge when possible.

Environmental responsibility

  • Keep groups to a maximum of 12 to minimise detrimental effects to the environment.
  • Continually seek to improve our own environmental performance and awareness.
  • Inform our visitors on the local countryside code, customs, environmental regulations and hazards.
  • We seek to promote awareness of endangered Mediterranean ecosystems and a deeper understanding of how they work.
  • Recycle all paper, metal, glass, ink cartridges produced by our office and countryside activities.
  • Minimise fossil fuel consumption by avoiding trailhead van trips and by using public transport.

Social responsibility

  • Engender respect and understanding for cultural diversity.
  • Give visitors an insight into the flora, fauna, landscape and culture of our host country.
  • By using the languages and dialect common to the area.
  • Support the village cultural group "Capcingle".