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Tikalanka Tours (UK) Limited actively encourages responsible and sustainable travel to Sri Lanka. By working closely with our associate company in Sri Lanka, Tikalanka Tours (Pvt) Limited, and other partner organisations, we are endeavouring to promote cultural exchange, social awareness, self-employment and self-development. We have established our own Code of Conduct for operational purposes, which will be used as a Responsible Travel Policy document and will enable us to monitor our progress in developing responsible and sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka. Tikalanka Tours is committed to showing interested world travellers the real Sri Lanka – its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, abundant wildlife and secluded sandy beaches. We have a genuine passion for the island, borne out of the close personal friendship between the companies’ directors in Sri Lanka and the UK, and by working together we are able to offer a more intimate experience of Sri Lanka.
Member since: 23 Dec 2004

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Tikalanka Tours only employs Sri Lankan guides and drivers.
  • The National Guide Lecturers and Chauffeur Guides who escort visitors around the island are all licensed and accredited by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.
  • Experienced guides for trekking, safaris and other specialist activities are hired locally and have extensive knowledge of their chosen area of expertise. This not only contributes directly to the local economy and provides much needed employment but also enhances the travellers' experience of Sri Lanka through personal contact with the island's people.

Environmental responsibility

  • Sri Lanka has diverse habitats and a great variety of indigenous wildlife and plant life.
  • To help maintain breeding populations of some of the more vulnerable animal species endemic to the island, conservation projects have been started.
  • Tikalanka Tours encourages travellers to visit some of these projects to support their conservation work.

Social responsibility

  • One of the core interests of Tikalanka Tours is the support and development of community-based projects in Sri Lanka. Involving the local community in a responsible and sustainable travel policy is the only way of limiting the long-term environmental and social impact of tourism
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  • Ensuring that local communities benefit from the money travellers bring into the country is a priority and Tikalanka Tours is developing close links with community-led projects on the island for this purpose

An Anglo-Sri Lankan partnership between two friends since 2000 and one that thrives on open heartedness and a sense of welcome. Which sums up Sri Lanka.
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