Escape Adventures

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ESCAPE ADVENTURES - The gold standard in Biking Holidays in Africa, New Zealand, South America and Asia. Our small groups, researched biking routes and relationships we have nurtured along the way ensure that our bikers can truly immerse themselves in the places we visit. Pedalling far from the tourist tracks, you will meet the local people, take the road less travelled and make your own unique personal encounter.
Member since: 06 Jan 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We try to buy locally made crafts and support local skills and do not simply buy on price but on value to you: bargaining for a lower price for both souvenirs and services is often the accepted and expected custom, but don't drive a hard bargain just for the sake of it.
  • We try the local food and specialities. Many rural areas around the world are under threat from a reduction in their agricultural base and by eating locally produced goods you will help the local farmers as well as the local economy.

Environmental responsibility

  • Never buy products that exploit wildlife or aid the destruction of species or habitats. Do not buy souvenirs made from endangered species, like ivory; doing so will only encourage the trade.
  • Consider what you really need to take with you. Waste disposal systems in many countries are ill equipped to deal with the increased pressures that tourism brings, and a few simple measures can make an enormous difference to the effect you have on your destination. Where possible remove the wrapping of packaged goods before you leave: unwrap soaps and take bottles out of boxes.
  • Pick up your litter as you would at home: bottles, cans, plastic, cigarette butts, apart from being unsightly, can be deadly to wild animals.

Social responsibility

  • It's quite easy in a small, simple community to appear an arrogant rich foreigner, so be aware of the feelings of other people, and try to avoid giving offence. Learning a little of the local language can help reduce these barriers and take note of the dress codes and appropriate photography ethics, all of which your leader can advise you on.
  • Always ask permission before taking pictures of people, ritual events or special places like shrines. If people seem reluctant or look away then DO NOT take a picture. Be careful not to cause offence through your thoughtlessness.
  • Ask your guide for advice on how to respond to begging and about appropriate gifts. It is usually better, for example, to give school materials or local food treats as a group, through the leader, to the school head or village head; just handing out sweets encourages children to be a nuisance by begging, and may well ruin their teeth in a place where there is no dental service.

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