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G Adventures is a Canadian-based small group adventure travel company that is committed to leading socially, environmentally, and culturally responsible tours. We respect local people and cultures, offer economic benefit to local operators and communities, and promote the protection of destinations for future generations.

G Adventures has 14 years of expertise travelling in small groups all over Latin America - most tours having a maximum size of 12 travellers, which means we are more sensitive to the fragile local cultures we travel within and can access places and events not available to larger groups. We offer seven different styles of adventure using a mixture of private and public transport and staying in locally owned and operated accommodation. From Mexico, to Antarctica (with our legendary cruise ship) and forty itineraries in Peru alone, we have more departures in Latin America than any other adventure operator.

We stay in locally owned hotels, work with local operators, and use public transportation. Wherever possible, we incorporate community-based ecotourism, as well as environmental and community development projects, into our tours. Our Sustainable Tourism Department implements low-impact policies at all levels of the company and ensures that each year we allocate funds to support environmental and community development organizations. These organizations include The International Ecotourism Society, Conservation International, The Charles Darwin Foundation, and PLAN International.

Through our commitment to responsible tourism we have developed the Planeterra Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports community projects, local non-profit organizations and international charities
Member since: 27 Jan 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We provide business opportunities to local people by employing local guides and tour operators. The majority of accommodation used on our tours are small-scale, locally-owned hotels.
  • Our tours mainly use public transportation wherever possible and are small in size to keep our impact on fragile sites and communities as minimal as possible.
  • Many tours incorporate community ecotourism projects as a way of supplementing community income and supporting community development projects. Through our non-profit organisation Planeterra we provide support to the projects in the form of donations, expertise, follow up, assistance in quality control and clients.

Environmental responsibility

  • We have partnered with Trees for the Future (TFTF), a Washington DC-based organization that has been committed to reforesting areas and planting indigenous species since 1989 and which includes a community development and capacity-building component in Brazilian forests.
  • G Adventuresí head office and travel stores are powered by 100% green energy providers (Bullfrog Power) whose power comes from clean, renewable sources like wind power and low-impact water power.
  • For 8 consecutive years, we have won the Clean Air Commute Award from Pollution Probe as a result of 100% office participation in a week-long event to raise awareness of using cleaner methods of commuting to work and provide a monthly subsidy for staff who use public transportation.

Social responsibility

  • We are members of The International Ecotourism Society and the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria Partnership, an initiative of the United Nations Foundation, the Rainforest Alliance and the UN World Tourism Organization.
  • Destination information is included in our destination guide online which covers every country we visit. Information regarding each destination a tour visits is also included in pre-departure information and regional booklets, which are destination-specific guidebooks provided to each traveller. This includes how to be sensitive to the local culture and environment, with detailed tips on how to be a responsible traveller.
  • G Adventures supports conservation projects including: BearHealth, Charles Darwin Foundation, Save the Albatross. Through our commitment to responsible tourism, in 2003 we developed a non-profit organization, the Planeterra Foundation, as a way for our travellers and our company to give back to the people and places visited on our tours.

While backpacking in 1990, Bruce realised there were no options for travellers who wanted something between independent and package travel. He founded this company to fill that gap - it's now the world's largest adventure travel company.
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