Fun Tassie Tours

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Fun Tassie Tours specialises in small group tours (maximum 11 persons) with personalised service at affordable price. Itineraries are designed to explore the unique nature of Tasmania over 3 to 7 days in escorted packaged tours. Tours can be customised to meet your specific interests. The vehicles are privately imported, comfortable and safe”4WD touring vans” and a larger commuter mini bus. Fun Tassie Tours is an accredited tour business by the Tourism Council of Tasmania since 2005.
Member since: 23 Feb 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

We use local attractions, food outlets, accommodation providers all around Tasmania contributing with our purchases to small local communities. We employ local tour guide/ driver. We purchase all our supplies from local wholesaler and use local car mechanics. WE do regular donations to Salvation Army in their appeals. Our base is in Launceston. So I employ 2 casual driver/guides living in Launceston. Drivers are fairly paid according to Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award 2010 (modern award) that is updated with a wage increase in June 2011. Three vehicles are serviced regularly by local car mechanics Grant Russel and Stevenson Toyota Service. I always purchase our supplies of water, tea/coffee, and breakfast items at Statewide Food Wholesaler in Prospects/Launceston. We occasionally sell ferry tickets of Spirit of Tasmania (customers purchase their food there), transport services (Redline and Tassielink Coaches- we book customers) and book Penguin Tour for our customers at Bicheno, last but not the least, petrol stations all around the State. Those are all local businesses that benefit from the business of Fun Tassie Tours so do their employees.

Environmental responsibility

We provide tea/coffee during tours and keep used cups until we find a recycle bin. We do use computer files and folders to minimise paper and ink consumption. We are committed to be environmentally friendly that tour guides inform clients to walk in the established tracks and not to throw any rubbish. In our tour business we help to protect the environment and climate by minimising fuel consumption, recycling or reusing suitable consumable products and being careful not to damage heritage sites and vegetation in National Parks. Climate change can damage the environment and people’s livelihood so the result can be reduction in tourism activities. We try to save fuel consumption by minimising engine warm up time each morning. Drivers try to keep engine idle time short while waiting to pick up or drop off. Customers and drivers are requested to be on time and if they are late engine must be turned off while waiting for them. Also while driving a long distant we drive the way to save fuel like by smart acceleration (not sudden or heavily), balanced distribution of the load in the trailer etc.

Social responsibility

In our tour itineraries we visit local historical and unique sites that reflects the past lives of Tasmanians lives and contributions to build the state. Port Arthur Penitantiary Centre , Oatlands Carlington Windmill, Ross bridge etc. as well as the wildlife. We instruct customers to walk on the tracks as it may damage the vegetation and soil in the National Parks. Customers are briefed for not to feed wildlife any food except the food available at the wildlife park, not to use flash when they take pictures. Attractions that we support through our tours: Port Arthur Historic Site, East Coast Nature World (Wildlife Park), Chudleigh Honey Farm, National Parks (entry fees and purchase of gifts at gift shops), Bonorong Wildlife Park. We respect the cultural values of local communities, Council rules (parking, noise, litter etc.), appreciate and preserve the local heritage. I have added a link to Save Tassie Devils Fund on my links page.