Activities Abroad & The Aurora Zone

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Activties Abroad
Activities Abroad is a specialist activity holiday company providing family summer activity holidays in the UK, Europe and further afield and winter experiences in Northern Scandinavia. Our holidays feature everything from white-water rafting in Slovenia to Mini-b diving on the Maltese Island of Gozo; from husky safaris in Swedish Lapland and Northern Light hunts in Norway to magical meetings with Father Christmas in Finland. We offer flexible programmes which allow clients to be as active or inactive as they like and in addition, we offer tailor-made breaks to suit individual requirements.

The Aurora Zone
The Aurora Zone was crafted by the team at Activities Abroad to create a holiday brand devoted to hunting the Northern Lights. Working with our local partners (who spend most of the autumn and winter chasing the Northern Lights and know the best vantage spots they are experts!) we selected areas where the lights appear most frequently and devised trips to create the best possible chance of seeing them. Whilst nobody can ever guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights, if they are top of your bucket list, then you're giving yourself the very best chance by starting right here. We research it, we visit it (regularly) and most of all, we absolutely love the Northern Lights and we want you to share our experience of nature's greatest wonder.
Member since: 11 Feb 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We firmly believe that the communities and areas to which we send our clients should benefit economically. The very nature of our holidays means that we operate for the main part in remote rural and coastal areas where employment can be limited. Hence, we always ensure that we use local accommodation, transport and activity providers. This enables local economies to benefit directly and through the tourism multiplier effect, helping to generate incomes and sustain employment in areas where the drift might otherwise be towards larger employment areas such as cities and towns.
  • Our policy, wherever possible, is to use local or family run hotels and guesthouses, steering away from large chains whose main beneficiaries tend to be shareholders and senior management.

Environmental responsibility

  • The management at Activities Abroad is all too well aware of the negative impacts tourism can have on the environment and take all possible steps to negate these impacts.
  • We have recently adopted digital brochures on our website which allow our clients to view all our brochures online. This action has considerably reduced our brochure print run and our fervent hope is that we will produce no paper brochures in the not too distant future.
  • Our holidays rely on using beautiful and unspoilt areas, often in remote rural or mountainous areas.
  • Naturally, we wish to maintain the natural settings in which we work, not just for the future of our company, but also for future generations.
  • Hence, we always insist that our local providers are equally conscious of this need. We insist that all litter and rubbish is removed from any of our activity sites, we strongly encourage group transfers, reducing the volume of road traffic and make our clients aware of their obligation to the environment and local communities.

Social responsibility

  • We fully appreciate the impact of tourist visits on local communities and residents and strive to be sure that we are having a positive effect.
  • Hence, as stated above, we always use locally owned providers with the aim of distributing the financial benefits throughout the local economy.
  • We also encourage our clients to respect the lives of local inhabitants by learning a few important words, Hello, Goodbye, Please, Thank You etc and where possible to become involved in local events and learn about the their lives.

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