Huck Finn Adventures

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Huck Finn Adventure Travel Ltd is adventure travel agency-tour operator and outfitter. It pioneered commercial rafting, canoeing, sea kayaking and bicycling trips in Croatia and neighbourhood Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. We operate throughout the country by establishing outfitting centres in underdeveloped but preserved areas of natural beauty. They organize one-day adventure trips that are a part of multi-day packages.
Member since: 23 Feb 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

Huck Finn headquarters is in Zagreb - Croatia’s political, economical, educational and cultural centre. However, our investments are directed to rural areas that have no industry or developed tourism but do have natural attractions and preserved environment and traditional way of life. We add value to those areas by starting rafting, canoeing, biking and similar low-impact ways of travel. We train local population to provide travel related services and we create jobs. We believe in long term partnerships relying on fair revenue distribution.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental Responsibility We only support low impact activities, ways of travel, sports and camping. By adding value to preserved natural areas through sustainable activities and tourism we are building strong opposition against industrialization - primarily damming rivers for energy production. We have prevented damming of Zrmanja River which is today a part of Velebit Nature Park. We have founded and support Riverfree club with that purpose.

Social responsibility

Social Responsibility:

  • We train and employ local population to provide travel related services. We support and encourage traditional farming and way of life. We see tourism as additional source of income that allows farmers, ranchers and fishermen stay on their land and live better.
  • We founded and support national rafting association with purpose of developing river guide training program, establishing river outfitter code of ethics and sustainable river use.
  • We encourage guide exchange with the purpose of training and sponsor our own Aquademia program for students from all over the country. It educates students about adventure sports on water, ecology, keeps our professional guides employed year-round and is a source of highly talented and motivated guides.

Founded by a Croatian kayaking champion, Zeljko Kelemen is also a champion of Croatian culture and sustainability, aiming for green and gold in all he does.