Kalypso Adventures

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We are the leading adventure and nature travel company in Kerala, our activities include birding, natural History Safaris, butterfly tours, kayaking, mountain biking and trekking. A large segment of our clientele are eco-travellers, often staying with families in the villages and countryside in Kerala. We also specialise in small group adventure whereby, small groups of 4-6 spend time with us on cultural discoveries and nature journeys.

We have also actively assisted the development of better guides by recruiting and training members of local communities and tribals for guiding activities especially nature travel. In addition, we are also actively involved in promoting the eco-tourism initiatives by the Forest Department at Periyar in developing the Eco lodge Bamboo Grove, as eco-travel consultants.
Member since: 05 May 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • We employ local guides
  • Stay will be at Homestays as far as it is feasible, thus contributing directly to the local economy
  • The itinerary is spread over many places so that the returns are distributed evenly.

Environmental responsibility

  • All the tours are aimed at minimising travel by motorised vehicles thus reducing pollution
  • Informing guests about current local environmental issues prior to their arrival, with the aim of sensitising them to local conditions
  • Minimum use of plastics & environmentally dangerous materials

Social responsibility

  • A very detailed itinerary is sent to the participants about the social structure of places visited
  • Part of the trip passes through tribal areas & visits are organise to maximise interaction
  • Guests are encouraged to purchase handicrafts made by the tribals, thus helping keep traditional knowledge alive & encourage hand-made items versus mass produce d items.

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