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For travellers who want more real and authentic holidays that also benefit the environment and local people, we provide direct benefits to the local population. Our walks are a sample of sustainable development project for abandoned rural areas.
Member since: 05 May 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Working exclusively with local partners residing all year round in a depopulating and remote area!

  • Using local products (farm cheese, bio vegetables), suporting locally run facilities and help the local economy by buying local produce in preference to industrial goods.

Environmental responsibility

  • Guests are encouraged to respect the nature in the National Park through ecological information.

  • Itinerance has been Mercantour National Park's partner for 18 years and is proud to be involved with the campaign for sustainable tourism.

Social responsibility

  • We run guided tours to teach visitors how to interpret the landscape, for example at the Lac d'Allos. This type of activity, particularly suitable for children, contributes to a sense of eco-citizenship.

Christine and Gerard are mountain guides, donkey conservationists and parents, and have created the perfect family walking package. They encourage small businesses to embrace local produce and recipes, guaranteeing fine food all the way.