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Gate Way To Egypt for tourism marketing and travel management is involved in all forms of tourism. It was formed 6 years ago by a group travel experts from different specializations who decided to make use of our travel experiences under one mission promoting and developing responsible tourism with no limits as all forms of tourism ( leisure or corporate ) should be responsible. The first stage targeted the individual traveller and later on we expanded to corporate travel and events management.

In addition to fulfilling the aims of our valued clients we also intend to help each one of them whether companies, customers and local suppliers to recognize their common responsibilities towards the communities they travel.

Since the beginning of our operation we accepted the responsibility to respect other people’s places and ways of life as the operation we carry can cause good and harm and we have to avoid the harm as much as possible . We hope that this attitude is as infectious as possible.
Member since: 08 Sep 2005

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

  • Involve the local community in planning and decision making.
  • The programs offered will allow the tourists to visit the real markets not the typical ones that only offer the finished products that could be even done outside Egypt. They need to see the real markets the place to observe artisans at work thus enhancing the human element in the making of objects and linking the work to human face, this will encourage and develop the efforts and skills of the artisans and also preserves the small hand crafts from disappearing.
  • The programs designed will provide significant business benefits to the local community by using their small business to offer services to the travellers as restaurants, cars etc---.

Environmental responsibility

  • Avoid waste and over consumption
  • Engage tourist in environmental and cultural conservation
  • Work with other operators on developing integrated environmental management principles for all tourism projects, which will lead a coordinated country wide environmental strategy.

Social responsibility

  • The travel itineraries offered will introduce the traveller not only to ancient Egypt but also to the contemporary cultural context of Egypt.
  • The type of Tours offered will take into consideration and actively incorporates in the tourist experience aspects of the social life of the local communities, their customs and traditions, their own sense of heritage, their history and artistic, architectural literary and other cultural achievements.
  • GWTE pays attention to the local communities, engages them in the tourist industry, provides their children with educational opportunities and engages them in the protection of cultural and natural heritage.

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