Au Fil du Nil

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Au Fil du Nil organizes felucca cruises from 2 to 6 days between Aswan and Louxor .We are specialised in family groups and small groups up to 7 people so as to provide comfortable and relaxing conditions during the trip. The cruises are all included : all the meals, visits of temples and places of interest, transfers from the felucca to the place of your choice at the end of the cruise. All the nights are passed on board. A crew of 3 or 4 people accompany the travellers and does the best to make your stay magic.
Member since: 11 Oct 2012

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

The felucca owned by our company remains entirely at the disposition of the family of our Egyptian associates at Luxor. Cruises departing from Aswan are aboard another felucca hired for the purpose so as not to interrupt the regular work schedule of the boat based at Luxor. All the people who organize the cruises and accompany visitors (captain, cook) are Egyptian. All purchases relative to the holidays are made locally (food, transport, equipment). The accommodations that we propose at Luxor and Aswan belong to Egyptian families or individuals.

Environmental responsibility

The cruise that we propose allow a complete immersion in the natural environment. We are particularly careful to ensure that there are no negative ecological impacts. To this aim we restrict the number in the groups from 2 to 8 people. We endeavour to share our love of wildlife with our guests. We use no fossil energy, the feluccas travel exclusively on wind power. The banks of the Nile and its wildlife undergo no degradation caused by us in contrast to that inflicted by the larger cruise boats which produce serious damage and erosion due to the waves they create. All waste is collected, stored and disposed of in recycling centers. We undertake the organization of cleaning up not only after ourselves but of less scrupulous tourists in the areas where we spend the night.

Social responsibility

With our initiative we wish to support local communities and to bring them a mean to restore confidence in their own future without relying too much on the only egyptian government. Our wish is to allow our clients the chance to see Egypt through fresh eyes, far from the standard clichés, and to reinforce the ties between our different cultures. The tourists have the opportunity to exchange with the local population and to learn about their way of life during visits to villages and walks in the countryside and while sharing a particular time with the crew. The accommodation proposed at Aswan in the middle of the Elephantine Island allows the visitor an insight into Nubian culture. The archeological sites are visited outside of peak times for a deeper appreciation of their wonders.