Australian Natural Treasures Touring

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Personalised, small group eco-tours of the Great Southern Touring Route, Victoria, Australia. Our relaxed and thorough itineraries allow our clients to immerse themselves in this incredibly diverse region.
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How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All of our meals are taken in restaurants and cafes staffed and supplied by locals. The accommodation we use is always unique and highlights the local regions attributes. It is also owned and staffed by locals. We visit local attractions and help to inject money into the local economy through supporting local businesses by using their services and supporting their staff. We encourage our guests to buy local made products as souvenirs instead of the imported option. We use our knowledge of the Australian wine industry to encourage support of the local wine makers when dining.

Environmental responsibility

We take numerous short walks throughout the tour, many of those within National Parks. All walks are conducted on properly constructed paths and walkways sanctioned by the local parks service. Our policy is one of: “You take out what you take in” with regard to rubbish in our parks. While seeing wildlife in their natural environment is an integral part of all of our tours, we always observe from a safe distance and discourage feeding or actions that may disturb them. Our group sizes are kept small, with a maximum of 12 passengers. The average for our tours would be around 6 or 7 guests. This allows us to run smaller vehicles with lower carbon emissions.

Social responsibility

We support the ‘Cambodian Kids Foundation’ with their annual fundraiser by donating tours as prizes. We visit local attractions that support the indigenous communities such as ‘Tower Hill’ and ‘Brambuck’ cultural centres on certain tours. Our interpretive theme helps us preserve the history of region in a very thorough way. While discovering the historical and geological sites, the contents of treasure chests are revealed to enhance the stories and relate experiences. On our journey between Melbourne and Adelaide our visit takes in the ‘World Heritage’ listed ‘Narracoorte Caves National Park’ to support the incredible project to discover ancient ‘Mega Fauna’ fossils being found there.

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