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people and places differs from other volunteer offers – all money from the volunteer is paid direct to the host country, where it is needed most. We are then paid a small fee for the volunteer placement, and we publish this for each project. Communities are our starting point – they are the driving force behind matching volunteer skills and project needs. We work with professional host-country project management teams who know the communities well and ensure that each project is sustainable – no volunteer will replace local labour, and no placement is made in isolation. “responsible volunteers do it with respect”
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Economic responsibility

  • The fee for your volunteering holiday is paid directly to the Project Management Team in the country where you are volunteering. People and places is paid a fee by the project for which we provide our recruitment and placement service. We practice transparency in our working practices. Each of our projects is costed individually and with a full explanation of how your money is spent and distributed within the local community.
  • Each volunteer makes a donation to the project to ensure that their volunteering does not require a local subsidy for labour, materials etc. – details of these donations and what the money will be spent on are provided separately for each volunteering experience. We ensure that as high a percentage as possible of all volunteer spend benefits the local community and remains within that community. We recommend locally owned accommodation, and ensure that wherever possible all board, food, transport, supplies etc. are sourced, bought and paid for locally.

Environmental responsibility

  • In our office we reduce, reuse and recycle paper. We use recycled paper and keep print to a minimum. We recycle our ink cartridges through Tommy .
  • We encourage the independent project management teams with whom we work to adopt similar environmental policies. However, local voluntary initiatives may sometimes find it difficult to adopt these practises.
  • We are developing a series of environmental and alternative technology projects.

Social responsibility

  • Our starting point for every one of the projects is the local community – the needs of the community and the local project are paramount. Only with a comprehensive understanding of the community and the project will people and places match volunteers to placements. We exercise due diligence on each project and management team with whom we work before we offer placements for volunteers. We also exercise due diligence in the matching of people and places – each volunteer is individually matched to each individual project.
  • The sustainability of your volunteer input is vital. Each project is programme-driven to ensure its sustainability and avoid dependency. On people and places projects volunteer placements do not reduce, inhibit or jeopardise local employment. People and places volunteers work alongside local employees, not instead of them.
  • Each volunteer is comprehensively prepared for the new cultural experience. We ensure that appropriate reading matter is recommended, there is a full pre-placement briefing, and in-situ orientation briefing regarding basic language, local customs etc. People and places is committed to equal opportunities, and strives to locate appropriate experiences for less physically able volunteers.